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Don and Louisa,

Thanks for the extension of credit!  I really would have given you my first-born for those berries - they're wonderful.  Good luck with the rest of your first season, I already look forward to the raspberries!


in an email to us: 


By the way, those raspberries were the absolute best I have ever seen or tasted!!  I really hated to put them in the freezer.  The flavour is wonderful and they hold their shape so well and they are absolutely huge!!  I have to admit I had to test them out before I put them all away!


A recent note emailed to us:

"I loooove it!!
Came yesterday from Denman picked 16lbs, made jam, froze the rest
Local, organic, affordable, fun... I love it!
Thank you so much!
Please add me to your mailing list, we will be coming back soon
We are interested in all the fruits and veggies you grow."


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