Picking Tips - Help Us Keep Our Patch Healthy All Season!

1.    Select fully red berries. The small berries are often most flavorful. Please pick all the red berries. Be sure to pick the berries from both sides of your row.  (Not both sides of your aisle.)

2.    Part and lift the leaves with your hands to look for hidden berries ready for harvest.  80% of the berries are on the sides of the row NOT in the middle.

3.    Only pick from the section of the row assigned to you, DO NOT pick from the next row.  (We get some upset customers and complaints about  the ‘poachers’)

4.    Be careful that your feet and knees do not damage plants or fruit in or along the edges of the rows.

5.    Part and lift the leaves with your hands to look for hidden berries ready for harvest.  

6.  A taste is ok, a meal is not!

7.    Please remove berries showing rot, sunburn, insect injury or other defects and place them between the rows behind you. The Straw Boss will remove them from the field….and we thank you!  (If they are left in the plants, the rot will quickly spread to other berries. Alternatively, bite the other side of the defective berry, place it the row behind you and thank nature for the free snack.)

8.    Part and lift the leaves with your hands to look for hidden berries ready for harvest.   (Do I need to repeat this again?)

9.    Please be patient with the Straw Boss; she/he is busy and hot.  You will be given a section to clear of ripe berries and if you need more berries you will be given more space.

10.                        Berries to be used immediately may be picked any time, but if you plan to hold the fruit for a few days, try to pick in the early morning or on cool, cloudy days. Berries picked during the heat of the day become soft, are easily bruised and will not keep well.

11. Avoid placing the picked berries in the sunshine any longer than necessary. It is better to put them in the shade of a tree or shed than in the car trunk or on the car seat. Cool them as soon as possible after picking. (If you can, bring a cooler with a cold pack.)  Strawberries may be kept fresh in the refrigerator, depending upon the initial quality of the berry. After a few days in storage, however, the fruit loses its bright color and fresh flavor and tends to shrivel.

Our strawberries are not sprayed with a chemical fungicide.  Chemical fungicides are sprayed early on during the bloom and are systemic.  They can not be washed off - they are IN THE BERRY.  The berries, however, stay fresh for longer.  We use a certified organic natural fungicide that may or may not work :)  We recommend you process your berries as soon as you get home.  We have been told that berries rinsed in a vinegar/water mixture keep longer. (A customer said it worked!) - see this link!



I edited information found at http://pickyourown.org – thank you!


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