1.  There are weeds.

2.  The farmers hate weeds.

3.  You can see WWOOFS weeding.

4.  The farmers have been weeding since April and will continue to do so until October!

5.  There are no bare patches in the dirt, for example in the raspberries.  (MOTHER Nature abhors a vacuum - something must grow!)

6.  During damp seasons with rain you can see evidence of Mother Nature at work. 

7.  The farmers ask you to help keep the patch healthy by picking off damaged berries.

7.5  There are lots of bugs - spiders, ladybugs, beetles YOU NAME IT WE GOT IT - on the fields!

8.  There are bug bite scars on your strawberries.  They taste better this way, promise!

9.  The straw in the aisles is growing.  (seeds fall out of the bales)

10.  If you ask your farmer about sprays and pesticides he goes into great detail.  He does NOT say, "I did not spray on the berries" - which means nothing since sprays can be systemic 

11.  YOUR BERRIES TASTE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


**WWOOFS = Willing Workers On Organic Farms  AKA  Willing Weeders On Organic Farms!!