Grow your own!


June bearing strawberries produce a lot of berries fast.  In June for 3-4 weeks the entire crop is produced. Sometimes there are a few berries in the fall, but not always.

The key things to remember are:


Established Plantings:

1/3 of yearly fertilizer late march early april.  Rows can be narrowed to 12 - 14 inches wide with rototiller or shovel.

Mow leaves to just above (1 INCH) crown after harvest.  Rake off leaves.

2/3 of Fertilizer after mowing.  Strawberries are heavy feeders and set their fruit in the fall. 

You are farming sunshine.  Keep your rows narrow.

Put straw down mid to late May to keep the berries clean.

(We put 6 lbs of 8-4-4 organic fertilizer in the spring per 200 foot row and 12 pounds after harvest.)

If you come to our farm a week or so after berry picking is done, you will see a bald strawberry patch!  10 days later the new growth is amazing!

New Plantings

Plant 12-18 inches apart.  Fertilize a week later 2/3 of yearly and 1/3 in late July

Tuck runners into a narrow row (12 inches max) tuck tuck tuck.  You will be amazed at the runners.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO REMOVE BLOSSOMS, ENJOY THE FRUIT YOU GET! (We were told by the BC Berry Guy that in scientific studies removing the blossoms MADE NO DIFFERENCE IN THE YIELD THE FOLLOWING YEAR)

You don't mow the new plantings in establishment year.

Weed, weed weed.  Strawberries don't like weeds, especially in the establishment year.

Daughter plants will be heavy producers next year.

Keep your patch going by digging out old "Mother plants" on a regular basis.  Our rows are picked for 3 years.....and then the piggies get them!


Strawberries like an inch of water a week.  Drip works well.


Here is a good link on caring for strawberries.