July 18, 2011

 We are closed for the season.  4 days of heavy rain hastened the end!  Thank you everyone and we'll see you next year.  Hopefully with more sun!


July 15 Believe it or not....we still have berries to pick.  The rain has caused some damage but there are still good quality and rain damaged berries to be picked.  They are still awesome for smoothies, jam, pie and freezer.... our berries will have a very short shelf life and need to be eaten or processed on the day of picking. For this reason...we have dropped our upick price for the remaining days of the season!!!!!
UPICK $2.00 lb

Please let your family and friends know!!!!

Wednesday July 13:  It's bright out right now and we're picking big berries in the end field!!

Tuesday July 12:  Picking was fair to good today with tasty ripe berries.  The day started out a bit wet but cleared up mid morning and turned into a pleasant afternoon!   We have a lot of berries ripe on the fields.  There will be more of the same tomorrow.......Please call if you want to know the weather on our farm....often the rain clouds go around us!  250-336-8872

Monday July 11:  Picking was good today with tasty ripe berries.  There will be more of the same tomorrow.......

July 9, Saturday:  Picking was good today.  We expect picking to continue through next weekend at the very least.  Picking on Sunday will be average to good...

July 8, Friday:  Picking was good today and will continue to be good tomorrow!! 

July 7, 2011:  Picking was good today and will be good tomorrow, Friday....See you on the fields!

July 4, Monday:  We closed early today as we have run out of ripe berries.  We will be open tomorrow at 8 am.  Picking was fair to good. 

July 2, Saturday:  Good picking today!

June 30, Thursday:  Picking was good today with big red berries.  Picking will be good tomorrow, CANADA DAY!!  We open 8 am and like pickers to be leaving at 5 pm!!  Today pickers were happy with the cool weather and the busy yet not crazy fields.  The cool weather means that not everyone shows up at 8 am.....but spread out over the day!

June 29, Wednesday:  PIcking was good yesterday.  Big red berries.  Our gates open at 8 am!  We should have good picking today without heat!!  See you on the fields!

June 27, Monday:  We are open.  The berries are here!  The picking is good in our greenhouse field. 

June 26: It looks like we will be open Monday June 27 at 9:00 am. It will be early season picking.

June 22:  We have red berries on the field, few and far in between....but enough for little boys to gorge!  Looks like a good crop coming....STAY TUNED for opening day....

June 16:  The berries are getting bigger!  Still lots of flowers and no idea when we will be open!  Still thinking end of June!

Join the 2011 Eat Local Food Challenge!  (Link to Facebook Page)  We take part with  "Strawberry Days" during our season!  Stay tuned for more info!

June 8:  Lots of blooms but no idea of when season will hit.  End of June???  Keep looking!

We have 14 little Berkshire piggies....if you drive down our driveway you'll only see the occasional ear...they sleep under the rye all day....

June1:  We have flowers and small green berries.  We've been busy weeding and spreading straw.....Come on sun!

The plants are finally starting to grow....and so are the weeds.  We started weeding this past week!  We've got our weeders (geese) and sluggers (ducks) penned up on part of the field to see if they can make a difference!  The pigs arrive at the end of May and the cycle begins!  If you'd like to bring the kiddos over for a visit the fence is ELECTRIC - you can throw bread to the geese and compost to the chickens!

Upick $2.85/lb  Pre Picked $4/lb



Wednesday July 14

PIcking was slow today.  We will still have upick this week but be prepared to spend some time on the fields. Nice berries left the fields and everyone was happy.  Early in the morning is best as the berries come off the field cool!  The jam I've made from these berries is the BEST EVER!!!

Tuesday July 13

PIcking was slow today.  We will still have upick this week but be prepared to spend some time on the fields.  Early in the morning is best as the berries come off the field cool!

Monday July 12

Berry picking will be slower tomorrow.   The berries are super sweet with all the sun we've been having - perfect for winter smoothies and frozen snacks for little kid mouths!!! It may take some time to fill your buckets.  The weather is great for spending some time outdoors on our strawberry patch!  We are approaching the end of the season so if you don't have your berries don't delay and get out here soon!  Our gates open at 8 every day and we like to be closed at 5!

Sunday, July 11

The berries are all ripe.  If you still need berries don't take your time getting here, we have lots now but they won't last long!!

We have lots of berries to come off the fields!

The highlight of the week!  After everyone had left and it was stinking hot out the kids and I were taking a dip in the irrigation pond.  Then a customer (crazy people) drove down the driveway to pick in the heat.  One of them jumped into the pond with us before heading out to pick!!  (Bring your suit, that pond has been a life saver this week!)


We had a great day!  With this weather the whole field is ripe NOW!!  Come EARLY and bring your buckets!!!

We have lots and lots of berries to come off the fields tomorrow!

Thursday July 8

Hot hot hot, better to get here early.  If you wish to pick earlier than our opening of 8 am (ie. 7 am) call us tonight and we'll be ready in the monring.  (We tried early openings in 2008 and noone showed up!)

Wednesday July 7

We will be open at 8 on Thursday Morning.  We have lots of ripe berries.....  We have LOTS of field to cover!  It appears that there are LOTS of berries.  Picking will be good - very good - excellent.......all worth coming for! 

Tuesday July 6

We will be open at 8 on Wednesday Morning.  We have lots of ripe berries, the most we've seen.  We have LOTS of field to cover!  It appears that there are LOTS of berries.  Picking will be good - very good - excellent.......all worth coming for! 

Sunday July 4

We will be open at 8 on Monday Morning.  We had an excellent day on Sunday with lots of ripe berries, the most we've seen.  We have LOTS of field to cover tomorrow!  It appears that there are LOTS of berries.  Picking will be good - very good - excellent.......all worth coming for! 

Weekend of July 2

With the continuing cool weather our berries are taking their sweet time ripening.  With temperatures as low as 7 at night we don't have as many berries ready each day as we should....Hence we run out of berries much earlier than expected.  The weather forecast doesn't look much better SO here is our berry prediction....

We will have limited berries ready for picking every day. (We are picking 1/4 of our patch every day - we usually are picking 1/3 to 1/2 of the patch each day at this point.....We are frustrated too!!)  We may not get fast and furious picking this year rather good and steady for more days.   There are many many many berries on the plants coming so everyone can get their share!  Pickers that are getting on the field are happy with the cool picking weather and relaxed atmosphere!

We are picking our rows every four days which in most years means lots of berries ready....this is NOT what is happening!  Trust me, we are as frustrated as upickers who arrived to a closed farm......

In the Pacific Northwest the overall crop has been less than usual, smaller berries than usual and a bumper crop of slugs has been reported.....I kid you not this is straight from our newsletter!


Friday July 2

We are closed.  We closed at 9:45 am. 


CLOSED ON thursday, July 1, OPEN TOMORROW 8 AM 

Wednesday June 30

CLOSED, OUT OF RIPE BERRIES We will open July 1 at 8 am

Tuesday June 29

We had a steady day.  Tomorrow we have a great field for picking but UPICK will most likely be closed early as we run into unripe berries.  We have lots on the field but the cool weather is slowing ripening.  Please call before coming or check here, we will update as soon as we know we are closing. 

Tuesday June 29

Picking was steady this morning with lots of berries heading off the fields.  We ran out of ripe berries early and had to CLOSE UPICK.  It is going to be important this year to call ahead to be sure our upick is still going.

Picking is good.  Tomorrow picking will be good to very good.

Sunday June 27

Picking is good to very good today.  It's on!!!  Bring your buckets people!!

Tomorrow picking will be good to very good.....

June 26, Saturday

Continued cool weather has slowed ripening.  We had to shut early for ripening today.  We did have staff working and it was a good start for them.  WE have a nice patch for picking tomorrow morning.  We will be open Sunday at 8 am.  Please check here before coming or call as we will probably be shutting early - as we may run out of ripe berries.....


Picking was still slow to day but better than yesterday.  Every day is going to get better.  The berries are starting to ripen.  People left with beautiful buckets of berries.  It was nice and cool in the morning so very pleasant to pick. There are no crowds yet so it is calm and relaxing!  Tomorrow will be a bit better with predictions for "fast and furious" picking Monday or Tuesday....

June 24 Opening Day

The strawberries are ready!  We opened today to a steady crowd of regulars and some new faces.  Picking was slow, but the berries beautiful.  We think this was one of our best opening days have to check!  ........Picking will be slow tomorrow.....but getting better every day....