Sunday, July 22:  WE are CLOSED for strawberry picking.  See you for pickling cukes, garlic, farm fresh chicken or next year for strawberries!  Thank you everyone!

Tuesday July 17:  There are still berries but it is taking people longer.  The berries are full of sugar with all this sunshine.  Our season is winding down....COME NOW DON'T MISS!!!!!  Early morning is best if you want lots as it just gets too hot out on the field!!!!

Sunday July 15:  WOW!  Where are the berries coming from....they just keep on ripening and they are ready to pick.  Picking is good and will be good this week.  Don't miss them!!!  Come early as berries that go off the field cool are better!!!!

Friday July 13:  Picking was good today.  Picking will be steady tomorrow but we are in our last week of operation.  The berries are out there for the picking.  Beat the heat - come in the morning - berries picked in the afternoon are hot, and so are you!

Thursday July 12:  Picking was excellent today and will be excellent tomorrow.  Beat the weekend rush - Come and get them!

Monday July 9:  picking is good.  It is hot as we approach noon so coming early is a good idea.  Picking will be steady all week!

Saturday July 7:  Picking was good this morning and will continue to be good tomorrow and steady through Monday and the rest of the week.  We had a very busy morning and by 1 we were pretty well done with a few stragglers braving the heat to pick in the afternoon.   

Thursday July 5:  Berry picking was excellent today!  Picking will be good tomorrow and through the weekend....The sun is nice!

Wednesday July 4:  Berry picking was good today with loads going off the fields.  Berry picking will continue to be good to excellent tomorrow with loads of large berries to be picked!

Tuesday July 3:  Our staff got LOTS of berries today before the rain.  Berry picking should be good to excellent on Wednesday....See you on the fields!!!

Monday July 2:  Picking was good today even with the rain.  People got their berries fairly quickly.  Picking will be good on Tuesday!!  Hurray, the berries are finally ripe!!!

Sunday July 1:  Happy Canada Day!  We had a day of steady picking.  The picking is improving with more berries coming off the rows each day.  The berries are beautiful!  Later this week we should see some fast and furious picking.  Bring on the sun!! 

Saturday June 30:  High overcast and dry all day...steady picking.  Still on the upswing with beautiful berries going off the field.

Friday June 29:  It stayed dry all day and we had a steady stream of pickers....beautiful berries left the fields.  We will have the same type of picking tomorrow.....Still early, but gorgeous berries!!!

Thursday June 28 - Berries were beautiful today but we are still early season.  Most pickers beat the rain and picked in the morning.  When there's a break in the weather come and get em!!  Pray for sun!!

Monday, June 25:  We will be open Tuesday morning.  It will be EARLY SEASON PICKING - The berries are out there but you gotta find them.....Picking should improve as the sunshine persists.....

Sunday, June 24:  There are berries ripening slowly.  We will open sometime this week.  Nothing definite yet. 

June 20:  We are seeing some red berries on the farm all of which have entered the tummies of three very happy boys.  We foresee opening sometime early next week.