July 7 Sunday:  Today is our last day.....There are berries to be found by tenacious pickers.....any not off the fields today will be a welcome treat to our strawberry fed piggies!

July 3  We are open Thursday morning at 8 am for upick.  Picking is tough with a lot of damage on the field......tenacious people left with great berries.  If you are planning to come after tomorrow, be sure to check here or facebook first to be sure we are open!

July 1 - With the early season and ongoing rain we suffered far more damage than we thought.  There are still berries but it is hard work.  We will be closing shortly.  If you ordered berries, we will not be able to fill your order.  It has been a tough year.

June 29 - Our patch has survived the rain!!!
We have a lot of ripe berries ready for picking. The picking for the next while will be the best of the season with it slowing down after that.


June 28 - At 7 am the ground is dry and it's high overcast.  Picking will be excellent today....Call if you'd like an update on the weather...336-8872

June 26 - Picking was excellent today.  Luckily, most of the day we were dry - with a few rain showers!  Pickers who braved the wet faced excellent picking.  There are a LOT of berries ready.  

June 25 - The rain did not come and we had excellent picking today.  There are a lot of berries ready to come of the field quickly - it won't take you long to fill your buckets!  Let's hope Mother Nature behaves tomorrow too!!  We have garlic scapes available....a super delicious subtle addition to your veggie repertoire.  Ask us for cooking ideas!

 June 24 - Forecast Rain for the next few days.  We will be open if you want to brave the rain 

or if we have non-rainy times.

June 23 - Another good day of picking - we're hoping for a large window of opportunity Monday.....before the rain comes. It will be a good day to come as we can't predict picking conditions after the forecasted rain for this week.....

June 22- It was another dry day on the farm....Thank you Mother Nature!!! Picking was good today with lots of families picking for their winter smoothies. We will have another day of good steady picking tomorrow....see you on the fields!

(We are open every day from 8 am - 5 pm)

Picking was VERY GOOD today June 21with large beautiful berries and happy pickers leaving the fields.
Unfortunately rain is forecast for the next week and we strongly recommend coming before the rain....
You may have to pick in the rain or find windows of opportunity...
See you on the fields....

We will be open WEDNESDAY,June 19 at 10 am!!!!

Early season conditions but - BIG BEAUTIFUL BERRIES!!!!

Upick $3/lb Prepicked $4.25/lb

We are expecting picking staff to start Sunday or Monday and will start to fill our order list.......expect a call soon to schedule a pick up time....