2009 Season Pictures

Pictures from June 28!


Yes this tote holds 43 Pounds....


This little guy ate no strawberries out on the field, promise!

President's Choice wishes they had berries this good!

Pictures from June 26 and 27 below:


Now that's coming prepared. The picking has been so good they brought their own wheelbarrow.

(you can borrow ours if you don't want to bring yours) (June 26)



    June 27, 2009 - A family stopped in on their way fishing!!  ;)

Not really -- we had a little rain today but some people just have to get their berries.

  This family came dressed for the worst, but only had to brave a light drizzle.




Now that's a nice looking bowl of Strawberries!!!!


Happy customers with their bounty



Pre-picked strawberries for sale


                      She picked them herself