2008 Season Pictures



Some helpers on our farm!


Cousin Daphne works the shop always with a smile!    GRAMMA PAM USUALLY SEEN IN THE SHOP TAKING CARE OF ORDERS!


We use mason bees for early pollination of our Japanese plums.....

Our new pigs, helping us fertilize, mow, rototil, rock pick and eat!             Some wildlife cleaning up runover snakes...



We recruit EVERYONE to help us, we even manage to get neighbours over to help!

Angie and I on our transplanter!  Next year she gets to do all 50 rows with me!!!





Manure Spreader circa 1939 - It got a lot of work done this year!

Various photos of life on our farm!

Updated photos from July 5 and 6, 2008!


Nice Bowl!                                    Pickers on the field! (last week)                   Wheelbarrow with 75lbs!!! (7 buckets!)

Customers berries spotted on the field!                                                                Strawberry Kiss!  Wowza!

Bob is Back!  Long time customer           A mountain bucket!                SHE'S 94!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Bottoms up in the far field!                                                    She ran out of containers so she picked into her hat!


Ever heard "Happy as a pig in ........."